4th International Caparica Conference in Translational Forensics 2024

20th – 24th October 2024 | Caparica | Portugal

Keynote Speakers

Noemi Procopio, PhD

University of Central Lancashire, School of Law and Policing (UK)

Forensic microbes, the invisible witnesses assisting with Post Mortem Interval estimation

Avinash Lakkawar, PhD

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Puducherry (India)

Determination of Postmortem interval in cattle Carcasses

Jacqueline Parai, PhD

University of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Subnuclear tubular vacuoles in the kidneys of alcohol use disorder deaths

Henrike Neumann

The Danish Independent Evidence Oversight Board (Denmark)

Overseeing the Handling of Technical Evidence by Police and Prosecution in Denmark